Shiva Sutra 1.21


The real use for yogic power is the concentration of energy of will for attaining the universal state of being. In Kashmir Shaivism the aim of a focused will is to become the totality of the metaphysical principles that make up this universe - creation, destruction, and preservation (BHAIRAVA). Time and time again we are led back to this point. Entry into God consciousness is what matters. Entry into God consciousness will reveal the Knowledge within that waits for you and is your enlightenment.

The yogi then realizes that he/she was never anything but God. Pure knowledge arises…whereby he realizes, “I am the whole universe. I am not only my body, I am one with the universe.”

As Abhinavagupta puts it, the yogi thinks this, “I am infinitely potent and absolutely pure consciousness. All this is my own divine play. It is being manifested by me through my divine powers. I am all this ….”

And Swami Lakshmanjoo: “By achieving God consciousness and being always focused, resting in the Absolute, you will have become complete in internal consciousness…Incompletion rises in the external world.”