251. How could one ever be compassionate
If one fattens on animal meat?

Gains of wealth are not for spendthrifts
For meat-eaters no gains of grace.

Meat-eaters find no joy in good
Like weapon wielders' mind.

Non-killing is indeed an act of kindness
Killing and eating it is unkindness.

Eat not meat and life remains unhurt
Hell swallows men who eat meat.

If men refrain from killing for eating meat
There will be none to sell meat.

If one knows meat is but a sore
One won't eat it any more.

The undeluded wise will ever avoid meat
Which is but the flesh of a lifeless beast.

Non-killing and not eating meat are ever
Better than limitless sacrificial fire.

260. All living beings on earth will lovingly salute
Him who kills not and eats not meat.