The Divya Netra meditation is done to awaken the higher intelligence in you. It works on the ajna chakra - the energy center located between your eyebrows - called the 'third eye', and connects you to the cosmic intelligence. The ajna chakra is known as the chakra raj - the master of all the chakras .
This is such a significant chakra that there is no religion that has not worked on activating it. When the ajna opens, the whole being enters into a different realm. A whole layer of faculties opens up. That is why all the oriental gods are represented with a third eye in their forehead. The third eye is a symbol for the awakened ajna.
There is an old saying, that if you die in Varanasi, a sacred city in India, you will automatically get liberated. Varanasi is not just the city as we know it. It is also the region where the vaarana, that is the eyebrows, meet the naasi, that is the nose, which is the exact location of the ajna chakra . It symbolically represents the death of ego in the liberated or enlightened state!
This meditation technique is taken from Zoroastrianism. This technique has two parts: One to cleanse the ajna chakra and the other to energize it. The ajna chakra, or the third eye, is known as the destroyer of illusion and lust. It helps open the super consciousness in you.
There is a lit prayer lamp in front of you. It has been lit using sesame oil or clarified butter from cow's milk. You may use a candle also, but ensure that it is made of vegetable fat. This is a guided meditation technique. Just follow my instructions closely.
Sit cross-legged on the floor with your eyes closed. Those who cannot sit on the floor may sit on a chair.
Focus on your ajna chakra as if to penetrate it. ( 5 minutes )
Open your eyes and look at the flame of the lamp through your third eye between your eyebrows. Your eyes may blink or burn or tears may flow; just allow it to happen. ( 5 minutes )
Close your eyes and again focus on your ajna chakra. Penetrate it deeply. ( 5 minutes )
Open your eyes and look at the flame of the lamp through your third eye between your eyebrows. ( 5 minutes )
Close your eyes; do not focus on your ajna chakra; just relax. ( 5 minutes ) Slowly, very slowly, open your eyes.”

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