Everyone who attains liberation
must go through difficult experiences,
lots of troubles, tribulations and fear for some time.
Bigger than you imagine can come.
Actually, we are all experiencing these things on drip-feed
throughout the life, but remain unaware of this.
And if they are coming more intensely now
it is because you are at a stage where you can bear their weight.
Perhaps more love or the presence of a supporting spiritual being
raises your courage and new possibilities begin flowering.
But if you want to keep or protect your person,
these forces will grow and wrap themselves
around any sense of self you take yourself to be.
Self-inquiry, contemplation, self-surrender help you to surrender,
to offer everything up to the higher power
and to merge yourself with the God-Self.
And thus you find every good thing is with you.
The greatest love becomes your fragrance.
The greatest power flows inside you.
Nevertheless, doubts, hesitations and resistance will come.
Know all is well if you don't turn to yourself personally.
If you turn to yourself, turn to yourself Impersonally.
Thus you turn to the Supreme, to the Lord of the universe.
Just keep your head there under His holy feet
until duality and unicity become one.