As it has been said in Svacchanda Tantra:
When you experience casting aside the bondage of the bound individual (pasah) and put your consciousness in your own self, that is God consciousness. Then, after that, God consciousness is also to be abandoned and you must unite your consciousness in the pure knowledge of consciousness. There, because the mind (manah) is only the collection of differentiated knowledge (samkalpa), you will find that state where the mind (manas) is not existing at all (unmana).12
(Svacchanda Tantra 5.393)
So, When you progress beyond the idea (samkalpa) of good and bad, of pure and impure, then actually, when you think deeply about it, there is no difference between individual consciousness and God consciousness. This is that supreme knowledge where you find universal God consciousness, the pervasion of Siva (sivavyapti). There is no greater knowledge (vidya) than this.
(Svacchanda Tantra 5.394)
God consciousness is the same as the individual consciousness in which we are living. Our life is filled with individual consciousness. A yogi's life is filled with God consciousness. And a supreme yogi's life is filled with universal God consciousness. Individual God consciousness is the state of the mind (manah). God consciousness is the state of self (atma), and that self too is to be abandoned. Universal God consciousness is the state beyond mind (unmana).
Now vidya (knowledge) is defined. There are three aspects found in vidya: knowing (vedana), infusing your consciousness (bodhana) and the disposal of materials that are alien to yourself (varjana).
When knowledge (vedana) of the eternal aspects of Siva – universal knowledge, universal will and universal action - is held and the knowledge of supreme God consciousness is also achieved (bodhana), and when the negation of universal God consciousness is abandoned and universal God consciousness is possessed (varjana) that, in reality, is called knowledge (vidya). You must establish yourself there and then the supreme light of universal God consciousness, which is the only cause of entering into your real nature, will appear. (Svaccbanda Tantra 5.395-96)

~ From "Siva Sutras: The Supreme Awakening"