I had the good fortune to travel to Mt. Kailash with Swamiji in August 2012.
During the yatra (pilgrimage), many of the devotees from India expressed a desire to experience a snow shower, since they had never seen snow in their lives.

One night during the darshan at Manasarovar, Swamiji said that Kailash itself was celebrating our presence, and as a sign of blessing from Kailash, there would be a snow shower the next day.
Our chief travel guide, who was a local person, said there was no way we could expect snow, as the season for snow was more than three months away. Some of the devotees were disappointed about that.

I noticed that Swamiji just smiled at him quietly and said, ‘OK’.
I thought to myself, ‘The guide knows the weather, but Swamiji knows God!’

The next morning, just as we were getting ready to leave, we were graced with a beautiful snow shower! It was completely unseasonal, and a sure sign of Swamiji’s power to influence Nature, which I have noticed earlier also on many occasions!
The surprised guide then said that we will not be able to have darshan of Kailash, since the weather had turned cloudy. But just as Swamiji got out of his caravan at the vantage point, the clouds suddenly parted and revealed Kailash!

I heard Swamiji’s joyous cry of ‘Har Har Mahadev!’ and only then realized what had happened – Kailash had listened to Swamiji’s request and given us darshan. What a power!

Sri Nithya Atma Pujananda Swami
Sannyasi of Nithyananda Order