"Devotees come to me from all over the world, from North America, South America, Guadeloupe, France, Australia, Malaysia and so on. I tell them that they would not come had they not been born in India and exposed to the Vedic culture once before. They are coming back to their roots; that is all.
The spirit tries to remember why it came into this life, but does not always succeed. When it leaves this body again, at that point it again remembers its desire. This sometimes happens many times.
After many unsuccessful life journeys, cycles of samsara, the spirit decides, ‘Enough is enough. Now I must seek liberation. I must find my Master and savior.’ Sometimes the spirit takes on an incurable ailment that leads them to me.
Many disciples originally came to me for healing, which was solely the excuse that brought them to me. Their beings demanded that they be liberated and caused the body to suffer until they reached me.
Coming back to your question, each sibling may be seemingly different, but a thread underlies their dissimilarities in bringing them into one family. It may be a constructive or a disruptive reason, but the spirit came there for a reason."