There is just an ever-present joy.
It is just a joy, and it is there every day:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
—another name for the various days is Joy.
Joy shows itself when ego is exposed as a myth.
When this joy arises,
everything seen is perceived with joy,
is reflecting and radiating joy.
This joy is your perfume but the flower,
its source, no one can find.
Free of personal identity,
there remains a stillness and silence—qualityless
—a quiet space, no excitement.
Excitement can come also,
but such movements fluctuate very fast,
whereas the joy is seamless.
The joy and the stillness are the same.
The joy and the love are the same.
The love and the contentment are the same.
The contentment and the wisdom are the same.
The peace and God is the same.
The ‘I’ and God is the same.
The you and God is the same.
The you and me is the same.
Then zero and one is the same.
One and two is the same.
A hundred and zero is the same.
Everything is the same.
The same and nothing is the same.
Nothing and everything is the same.
Everything and me is the same.
God and me and everything is the same.
All are the same One.