' Paramarthasara '

'Just as the vast expanse of sky is not defiled by clouds nor smoke nor dust, so the supreme Being is not affected by the changes of maya.'

Yogaraja's commentary:
Just as the surface of the sky is intrinsically pure and is not defiled by clouds, smoke, or dust floating on the horizon, and just as the Self also remains undefiled under all different situations, so the Self never loses its essence in different situations and conditions like the birth and death of limited subjects which are emanated from ignorance caused by the changes in maya.
The supreme Being is both the source of the emanation and the resting place of all living beings, That he always manifests himself as all limited beings is pointed out by using the word “supreme”. Hence the lord is like a magician untouched by the exercise of his magical powers who is unblemished by the modifications of self-born maya. This has been stated by my great grand teacher, Utpaladeva, in his work Ajada-pramatr-siddhi:
Although the manifestation of the ultimate Being is restricted in limited beings by the vital breath and the physical body, it remains unaffected in the supreme Being. The vital breath is also his form; then how can he be affected by it?