' Conversations with Annamalai Swami '

Saint Tayumanuvar once said, 'Why all these maha yogas [great yogas]? All these yogas are maya!'

If you try to meditate without understanding that your real nature is Self, and Self alone, your meditation practice will only
lead you to more mental bondage.

Bhagavan once said: 'To keep the mind in the Self all you have to do is remain still'.

To realize the Self you don't actually have to do anything except be still. Just give up identifying with the mind and hold onto the Self. That is enough. Be still and cultivate the awareness of ‘I am the Self; the Self is all'. What difficulties can arise from doing a simple practice like this?

Q: The mind doesn't want to be ignored. It wants to spin round and round for ever. I came to you because I thought that you might be able to help me to gain some control over my wayward thoughts.

AS: 'Who came here for help?' Find out who that person is. Don't automatically assume that he exists and that he needs help with his problems. If you think like this your problems will increase, not decrease.

Identifying oneself with the body and the mind results in
ignorance of the Self. This is how the ego takes birth. Detaching ourselves and disengaging from the body and the mind results in the death of the ego. Bhagavan once said to me: 'The one who limits the Self by believing himself to be the body and the mind has ‘killed’ his own Self. For killing the Self he has to be punished. The punishment is birth and death and continuous misery.'

' Living by the Words of Bhagavan '