~ Sharing by Maa Nirmuta ~

During some of my adventurous days in Himalayas, I happen to spend a few days with a Naga Baba (about 70 years old) who claimed to be enlightened. i definitely felt he had some inexplicable powers. He could read my thought very clearly even though he didn't understand a word of English. I even later checked if I was really thinking in English :) , as it seemed absurd for him to know my single thought of any importance without knowing the language. He spoke to me in Hindi.

He could also heal people, and had in past consecrated temples in Himachal Pradesh. His presence was very powerful, I bursted into tears when I touched his feet. He had a certain power over animals as well.

He wanted me to stay with him for a while, and promised to give me some Siddhi if he can initiate me. Though I was clear that I wanted to walk the spiritual path, I wanted Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev to take me under refuge, because only through his practices, the clarity and longing to walk the path arose within me. Baba was not physically well, so I continued to stay with him for while just to help him recover. He grew very fond of me and asked me to get initiated by him and continue my Sadhana with him. However, my thoughts about Sadhguru won't budge - I just wanted to be initiated by Sadhguru. Baba kept dissuading me to do that.

Anyway, at some point I showed this evolved Naga Baba Sadhguru's photo. He was stunned looking at the photo, and said, ' He is very big!' I asked, ' Baba, who is he?' He said, ' He has come to spread light in the world, he is a light himself.' Then I asked, ' Sadhguru comes to Himalayas sometime, would you like to meet him? ' He said, ' If he comes here, I will wash his feet with my hands, and drink that water! ' (a little while ago Baba claimed to be Enlightened himself). Then I showed him the photo of Dhyanalinga, he bowed down to photo and said, ' One can easily get into a samadhi in this temple, if one is open. If my body allows, I will want to visit Dhyanalinga before I leave my body.' He didn't stop me go back to Sadhguru after that.

There are many such people here who have seen evolved beings bowing down to Sadhguru. I can't even begin to write my own personal experience around this Great Being.

If Krishna, Gautama Buddha, Jesus or Rama were among us today, would you not go to them for salvation, or at least would want to know them, be around them? Trust me ( I know it's hard to trust, especially because i am a monk in his order) he is not famous enough. I don't think Krishna, Rama, Gautama Buddha, Jesus were either during their times. Only a part of humanity knew them; and they had many enemies too!

Such is the nature of human society/human mind.