Now I will tell you some trick of knowledge (knowledge of Parabhairava) because you are My disciple.
Lord Krishna says: sukha and duhkha (pleasure and pain), labha and alabha (gain and loss), victory and defeat, think of these in the same way, in the same manner. If there is victory, that is okay; if there is not victory, that is okay. If there is sukha (pleasure) okay; if there is pain, okay, don't mind.
Tato yuddhaya yujyaso, then you can go on fighting. Naivam papam avapsyasi, then there will be no sparsa (touch) of any papa (of any sin, sinful act). No sinful act will have courage [ability] to stand before you (against you), because you are Bhairava then.
Esa te'bhihita sankhye buddhiryoge tvimam srnu
buddhya yukto yaya partha karmabandham prahasyasi
[Lord Krishna]: This is knowledge, which I have placed before you; it is the knowledge of complete jnana (knowledge) of your-self. All bondage of your actions, whatever actions you do in this life will have no effect at all. They won't bear any fruit, good or bad. You will be just free from your actions. Your actions will have no power to subside your consciousness. Your consciousness will be clear throughout.
These actions actually they are jada, they are innate or ... ?
JOHN: Non-living, inanimate, jada.
SWAMIJI: Jada, yes.
They are... actions are jada (inert). How can actions work [have an effect upon] an active person who is cetana, who is conscious? If you are always conscious, actions, which are jada, they will have no effect on you; they'll bear nothing [no fruit]. If you kill the whole world, you won't be caught.
Only there is one thing: yasa naham krito bhava, you should not keep in your mind that, “I have done this.”
Instead say, “this was to happen. It has been done. I have not done it! It is the way of prakrti that it is being done. I have nothing to do with this. I am absolutely free from this... action.” In this way, if he kills this whole universe, he has not actually killed anybody and he won't be caught. He is just like Bhairava.
Nehatikramanaso'sti pratyavayo na vidyate
svalpamapyasya dharmasya trayate mahato bhayat
And this kind of knowledge, if you posses this kind of knowledge of being supreme, and remain far above your actions—because actions are jada, actions have no voice before you—there will be no fear for you at all in this world.
asyam buddhau atikramena-aparadhena pramadena naso
na bhavati-pramadasyabhavat
Because there is no pramada. If you are aware of Shiva consciousness, what will actions do? Action has no... no life, no consciousness.
Yatha ca parimitena srikhandakanena jvalayamano'pi
tailakatahah sadyah sitibhavati
So this kind of knowledge of truth, it is just like this: for instance, you put a big frying pan... and you put mustard oil in it, fill it, and it is so bubbling (very hot), and if you have got srikhandakanena, if you put two or three drops of that actual..
That srikhandakanena means that real sandalwood oil. Not that sandalwood oil which is.. some sandalwood is impure, that won't work. Real sandalwood, where there are snakes around it—that is real sandalwood.
.. with that sandalwood oil, two or three drops you pour in that... burning oil, then you can dip your arm into it and it won't burn because that oil will become so cold at once.
Just like that, if you have got the knowledge of Shiva consciousness, then actions will have no existence; actions will have no power to work out [bear any fruit]. Your actions will be dead—all your actions.
So be like that!
Evamanaya svalpayapi yogabuddhya mahabhayam
samsararupam vinasyati
[Abhinavagupta]: The great threat of the world and repeated births and deaths, these threats are vanished altogether, for good.
Vyavasayatmika buddhirekaiva kurunandana
bahusakha hyanantasca buddhayo'vyavasayinam
[Lord Krishna]: O Arjuna, this knowledge of vyavasai (vyavasai means knowledge of truth, knowledge of being supreme and one with Shiva), this is only one. This knowledge is only one. And others, they have got many branches; other knowledge, of worldly knowledge, they have got many branches, and it has no end. So possess that one knowledge, supreme knowledge, then everything will be okay.

~ Bhagavad Gita, In the Light of Kashmir Shaivism, - Ch2, 33-42