Rohitassa asked: "Is there anywhere, while one is continuing on the path, where one can find a place where there is no birth, no aging, no decaying, no ending, and no rising again in rebirth? Is there anywhere along the way where one can see the end or reach the end of existence?"

"No, my friend," replied the Buddha, "there is nowhere of that nature. When you are following the path, you can't know the end or see the end or reach the end of existence. But, nevertheless, you can end your trouble and woe - indeed, you can end it here and now. For in this very body, six feet in length, with all its sense impressions and its thoughts and ideas, here I declare to you is the world and the origin of the world and the ending of the world and also the way that leads to that ending.

Not to be reached by travelling is the end of the world,
Yet there is no release from sorrow
Unless you reach the end of the world.
The one who is wise and lives a loving life
Begins to know the world. That one will go to the world's end.
And then he will neither long for this world
Nor for any world."

( Anguttara Nikaya )