' When Sadhana Becomes Successful '

Question: After years of doing sadhana, I still feel I might not be getting anywhere. What to do ?

Sadhguru: It doesn't matter how many years of sadhana you do, you will not get anywhere. Not that you might not, you will not. Because the idea of doing sadhana is not to go somewhere. The idea of doing sadhana is to come to a state where you can simply be here - to understand and know that what is here is everywhere, what is not here is nowhere. Getting beyond the need to go somewhere, that is sadhana, because in fact, there is nowhere to go. There is only here ,and there is only now. The rest is all in your head. Sadhana is to bring you to a state where at least for some period of time in the day, just sitting is good enough. If you live, you are here and now, if you die, you are still here and now. You cannot go anywhere. There is nowhere to go.

Sadhana is a device. It is a method to bring you to a certain level of maturity where the need to go somewhere is gone. That is why people who are steeped in sadhana are not moving anywhere. If you travel around the world, you will still not know whether the world is round or flat, forget about knowing the intricacies of life. But if you are truly here, everything that is worth knowing is right here, because you cannot perceive anything on the outside. It doesn't matter if you sit here or in the Himalayas or Africa or the United States or South Pole or North Pole. Maybe certain atmospheres are supportive , certain are not supportive, that is different thing - but essentially, you can only experience what happens within you.