78. For attaining final liberation, all resources should be applied. If all efforts are made, with full compassion and one-pointed mind, then one does not need any other means.
79. If there is no strong determination, no matter if thousands of means are applied, it will be of no use. Therefore, firm determination is the prime means.
80. “No matter what happens, we have to accomplish it.” This determination is the only way. Those who are endowed with this great quality attain freedom.
81. Depending on his strength, purity, and determination, the practitioner attains freedom in a few days, months, or years, or in the next life.
82. There are many impurities in the mind that disturb and defeat the seekers efforts. Because of this, they are born again and again into this terrible world.
83. The first impurity is lack of faith. The second is the desire to gratify the senses. The third is inertia. In this way, in brief, there are three categories of impurities.
84. Three are two types of obstructions. One is doubt and the other is hallucination. The thought “Is there anything like moksa?” is doubt, the first obstruction.
85. The second obstruction is not acknowledging bondage; therefore freedom is not needed. Both are serious obstructions in sadhana.
86. With strong determination, both of these obstacles can be removed. Complete freedom from them is obtained only when the cause of these obstructions is uprooted. There is no other way.
87-88. Non-belief and thinking contrary to the sayings of the scriptures are the two main causes. If they are discarded and logic is applied according to the scriptures, then this twofold obstruction can be removed. After its removal, strong faith arises. By removing these barriers, freedom is attained.
89. Desire to enjoy worldly objects creates an obstacle to listening to the teacher, because one whose mind is filled with desire cannot comprehend the truth.
90. When the mind is preoccupied, it is just like being blindfolded. Such a student is always preoccupied with the desired object. He does not see things placed in front of his eyes or hear words spoken into his ears.
91. For one whose mind is filled with the enjoyment of the objects of the world, listening to the sayings of the scriptures is in vain. With the help of non-attachment, one can control such a mind.
92. There are thousands of impure desires. Strongest among them is kama, the desire to enjoy. After destroying this desire, all impurities are removed.
93. Therefore, with the help of non-attachment, one must eliminate his desire for sense-gratification. The idea “I should posses it” should be eliminated.
94. Desire remains predominant in the objects one can obtain and remains subtle in those which are difficult to obtain. In this way all expectations can be shunned by practicing vairagya, non-attachment.
95. The main cause of desire lies in brooding, with the expectation of obtaining the desired objects. When non-attachment is practiced, such desires are destroyed.
96-97. Inertia is the third impurity of mind. O sages, it is not possible to remove it without the help of practice. Because of inertia, all the potentials of the sadhakas are destroyed.
98. To obtain freedom from that inherent inertia, devotion to the absolute alone is the way. Through devotion and dedication, this inherent habit pattern can be modified.
99. If those who suffer on account of this inertia apply all their resources in devotion to the absolute according to their ability, they receive the fruits either in this lifetime or the next.
100-102. All spiritual practices have only one goal, and that is to attain me. One who with pure heart and mind devotes himself to me crosses all barriers and attains bliss. It is I who motivates intelligence.
103-105. Therefore, O seers, the main requirement for sadhana is strong determination, and one who has that is a higher sadhaka. Among them, he who is endowed with devotion toward me is the most revered. Perfection means considering the body to be non-self and centering one's awareness in the self. This is called siddhi, perfection.
106. People have not realized their pure self. That is why they are caught in the round of births and deaths and go to their destruction.
107-108. Therefore those practitioners who identify pure consciousness, through which all objects are illumined, alone remove all the impurities. Those purified ones remain absorbed in that realization. Powers such as traveling through space and of attaining anima siddhi are not really attainments. That which liberates the aspirant is attainment in reality.