Seeker: Dear Sadhguru, many times you have told us that we are functioning out of our intellect. If this is so, then how can we use this state to become more open and free ?

Sadhguru: See, when you talk about openness, being open means that 'who' you are should not be. The limited identity should completely go away. Only then, you are truly and absolutely open. Right now, if you look at it from the limited means that you have, it is impossible thing. People believing that, "i am absolutely open," is again illusory. As I have always insisted, never think of liberation; never think of freedom; never think of openness. Always think in terms of that which binds you. Your business is with that which binds you. Right now, your hands and legs are tied up. You thinking about freedom is of no use. You just see how to handle the ropes which bind you: your business is with them. This may look uninteresting for the romantic people because they want to visualize how it is in heaven, how free they will be, how they will fly through the skies. It is not romantic. It is realistic, and it is workable. Very easily, one can work themselves out of the bondages that they have fallen into. The same goes for openness and being closed. What is it that has closed you up? Before we look at how to become open, what is it that closes you up?

Whatever spiritual proccess we start - on all levels of body, mind, emotion, and energy - slowly all these dimensions are handled, but one thing, which is easily at hand for you, is the mind and emotions. Making yourself mentally open is very fundamental and crucial, because this is something that is immediately in your hands. Your energy is not in your hands; you don't know how to open it. Even your physical body you do not know how to keep it open, but your mind is something that you can consciously open.

That's why a lot of talk is going on about opening the mind, not because it's the most important, but because right now that is most available for people. For opening other dimensions, anyway sadhana is there. You don't have to understand how. You just do the sadhana and it opens up.