Fundamentally the very karmic walls are always like this. They are like sheets of glass. If they were like walls of brick, you could see them and you could break them, but they're sheets of glass. Everything is open, but when you try to reach out you are locked in; that's how it is. Now, what can I do to break that? Why sadhana is always set up - apart from any teaching is just because of this: any teaching, after a certain period of time, becomes a block by itself, in a certain sense. You will twist it to your convenience. You can twist all teachings in the world. Initially, a teaching has an impact on you because its new and you have no clue as to how it works, so it works; but over a period of time, as you begin to understand, and then you will start twisting it to your convenience. You will see how the teaching supports you. The teaching is not about supporting you; the teaching is about demolishing you, but you will start using the teaching as a support for yourself. Once that happens, the teaching is no good anymore. That is why a Guru is constantly talking from different dimensions. It is Truth, but they are so contradictory that he does not allow you to settle anywhere, because the moment you settle, you start using it to your advantage. Apart from this process, the sadhana is always there - just the simple things. A kriya - in the morning you sit and breathe in a certain way - can slowly decimate these blocks. if you don't understand any teaching, it doesn't matter. You just keep doing the practice; after some time, suddenly there is a new sense of openness and freedom in you. That is always the bedrock that you can rely on, because you can always twist teachings.

Once you know how to be aware, once the necessary awareness - to be away from your own body, to be away from your own mind - has come to you, don't even bother about your karmas. Just see how to deepen this awareness. Do you see, being here with me, or during the Isha Yoga programs, there have been many moments of awareness? This is the beginning of freedom. Your business is just to establish that.