A man with no thoughts in the mind is emitting rays of peace and love! Everyone is attracted to the person who has no concept in the mind.

Just keep quiet and see what happens. All nature will love you. You will be better taken care of than by your own mother who gave birth to you and put you in all this trouble.

But this other mother -- consciousness, if you know that she is your original mother -- she will take care of you and give you peace and happiness and deathlessness also. No other mother can give you this. Deathlessness in eternity. This mother we do not recognize, and we get into trouble.

When you love, you love all beings. When you eat, everybody is eating off your plate, even the beings who have died, and the ones who are yet to be. When you see, all the eyes collected together are seeing through this retina.

~ from "Wake Up and Roar"