At the being level, when your very being surrenders to the Master, your being clearly recognizes the call of the Master. You become a part of the Master. You no longer carry any separate identity. This process of transformation automatically happens when you surrender to the Master, his teachings and his mission. The water is converted into formless steam. Like steam, you now explode in all directions. There are no limitations because all limitations exist only in the mind. You now transcend the mind and express your peak potential. The Master tirelessly and compassionately pushes you in different ways so you can also experience and be in the same state of eternal bliss as he is. The only emotion that a Master knows is love. I always tell people, ‘When I show compassion to you, I cheat you. When I free you, I teach you. Either way you grow.’ The Vedas also clearly declare that a living Master is needed. You may have access to all the books, the recorded teachings of all the great masters. But, you have only the words; where is the body language? For example, yoga as it is taught now has been reduced to just a form of physical exercise. But physical health is just one of its benefts. Yoga as taught by Patañjali is a means to enlightenment. But the body language of Patañjali no longer exists; only his words exist. You need a living Master who is in the same consciousness as Patañjali, to transmit the essence and experience of the words. A beautiful verse in the Guru Gītā says, ‘The Guru just wipes of with the big toe of his left foot your fate which Brahma has written on your forehead.’ The Master can change your very destiny and take you to a new dimension.