Q: Are Kali, Durga, Chandi, Krishna distinct from one another or one? If they are one, why then have they different forms?

Ma: God is indeed one. Just as man is one but of different forms. Thus Kali, Krishna and so forth are one as the Brahman, but where outer manifestation (Shakti) comes in, they are different. Men vary in character and temperament and therefore manifest in different shapes. By His grace God shows you the particular form under which you will realize Him. But in essence God is one. There is only one Atma--with form and formless--both are but the Atma. With form (sakara) means He Himself as Form. Just as water and ice are eternally of one substance, even so God Himself appears in various shapes, yet He is one. On the plane of action He appears divided, as the Atma He is one without a second.

Q: If the Self is one, why then is the sorrow of one man not felt by the others?

Ma: Only while there is the sense of separation this is so. So long as there are others, experience is divided. But when there is no more question of difference, then the sorrow of all will be felt as one's own. When the distinction between knowledge, the object of knowledge and the knower has been obliterated, oneness is realized. Until then experience varies for each individual. What you receive depends on your attitude of mind. That which is in constant flux is called the world. And what is bound is called the individual. In the world of individuals one reaps as one sows. How wonderful is God's dispensation! He plays in an infinite variety of shapes and forms.