Ma-The man who is fortunate, whose sanskaras are excellent, does not require a 'return ticket' any more. In order to change the rhythm of the breath one has to resort to sustained practice. One should begin by the repetition of any one of God's names that one prefers. By treading the path that the Guru points out, the breath will be altered and thereby also the bent of one's mind. The moment this is achieved the sushumna will become active in the twinkling of an eye, just as when air is suddenly pumped into a tyre (tube). So long as these things do not happen of themselves, one will have to go on striving. Everyone will understand what refers to the specific line of approach along which he proceeds. The type of meditation that suits a particular person may also reveal itself. So long as this does not occur there are difficulties, struggle, the impression that one is not getting anywhere, that one is incapable of achieving. The exact path one has to take is recognised when the time is ripe. Just as when water is poured out somewhere and finds the proper way to descend and join a stream. So long as the water does not mix with other water one will have to keep on pouring. If inbetween it dries up, no harm has been done. Who can tell at what moment a flood will burst forth? At some time or other one is bound to be blessed by a touch of one's true being. How union is achieved is full of mystery. The current that leads to it is fourfold. One part is unmanifest and three parts are manifest. By the action of pranayama and by dhyana the three manifest parts will have to be joined to the unmanifest. By one's own particular kriya, by the repetition of a name, by pranayama one will have to unite with that current. By selfless service done with the conviction that all are but manifestations of the One, man may also become united to Him. One has to proceed with great regularity and constancy. So long as that spontaneous revelation does not occur, one will have to apply oneself. There was One. He divided Himself in order to create the world. He has always been with you. What is in the microcosm is also in the macrocosm. Thus you have to exert yourself in order to realise your Self. The Lord is manifested in every creature. To find God means but to find one's own Self. Therefore one has to tread the path with steadfastness. All spiritual paths are right and open out towards liberation. HE is free and thus the road to Him leads to freedom. You have grasped, haven't you, that all are contained in the One and the One is present in all.