The right words you utter about you, matters. Right words you utter about you is more powerful and deeper than any prayer you can utter. In prayer you ask and wait for it to become reality. The words you utter, you declare your reality. There is a big difference. In prayer you ask and wait for it to become reality. But in the right words in your Will, you declare your reality – means you ARE making it, that’s it.
I tell you, declaring is the most powerful tapas [austerity]. That is why if you read in the Indian Puranas, Vedic Puranas, Hindu Puranas, if a Rishi sits and declares something and sits with his declaration, even the Devaloka [abode of Gods] shakes, Indra has to come, Brahma has to come, Vishnu has to wake up from His sleep. Shiva has to stop His dance and appear. Read the Puranas [cosmic historities]. An ordinary old man sits in the forest with his declaration, Devaloka shakes, Indra cannot handle the fire anymore, he runs. Your declarations are too powerful. That is the way you are connected to the whole existence. That is the umbilical cord nobody can disconnect which you have with the whole existence. Your declaration nobody can deny, understand.
Somebody asked me a few days before, “Swamiji I want you as part of my whole life, what should I do?” Nothing. Your prayers won’t work. Just declare, even I cannot deny. When you declare, the power of your declaration, when you sit on it, no one can deny, it has to become reality because declaration is the way your will manifests. Your will is the way you are connected to the Universe. Your will is your umbilical cord which cannot be disconnected.