I tell you, Ramana Maharishi says beautifully, “just like how human beings associate themselves with the body, even though they know they are not the body, they just use the body to relate and do what they want to do. Same way, Sadāshiva Himself associates Himself with Arunachala. He says, Sadāshiva feels Arunachala is His body even though He knows He is beyond body, He uses that body to do what He wants to do.” I tell you one more secret. What Ramana Maharishi revealed is one of the Mahadeva Rahasya. I am giving you one more Mahadeva Rahasya. Listen carefully. This Rahasya will be directly useful for you in your life. Every time you declare – SADĀSHIVOHAM – Mahadeva, Sadāshiva rushes towards you to manifest through you, because the Whole wants to manifest through every part, the Whole by Its nature wants to manifest and celebrate its existence through every part.
Understand, just like Ramana Maharishi revealed one Mahadeva Rahasya, I will share with you guys one more Mahadeva Rahasya. Anybody, if they address Me as Arunachala and ask anything, I will just give. That’s a secret password which I enjoy. That’s a secret passcode. I tell you, same way Sadāshiva has a secret passcode. Sadāshiva has a very secret passcode. It’s almost like a pattern for Him. I know Sadāshiva cannot have pattern. But I can tell you with all My confidence, its almost like a pattern for Him. The moment you even have the guts to declare Sadāshivoham, He just feels mesmerized by you and He just lands and manifests through you, whatever you want. Understand, if you call Me Arunachala and ask for something, I will never say ‘no’, because I have to prove I am Arunachala. I have to establish. Same way, if you just declare – “Sadāshivoham. I am Sadāshiva. This is the way I want my life to manifest” – simply He gets mesmerized by you and enters into you, and manifests through you the way you want.
Understand this secret code. Use it to all your benefit, max it. Over use it, not just use it, overuse it to your maximum benefit. He loves to be overused. He celebrates when you overuse Him. He is the limitless resource, does not feel afraid of get overused. He is waiting for you to overuse Him. Only limited resources are afraid of getting overused. He is limitless resource. He celebrates when you overuse Him. He celebrates when you overuse Him.
Learn this Mahadev Rahasya. Watch this satsang again and again because I have revealed so many Mahadeva Rahasyas in this. Your life to reach fulfillment and completion nothing else is required other than this one satsang. If you understand and internalize this one satsang, that is enough, you will achieve Completion and fulfillment both.