As long as your secret crush can hide his or her secret crush from you only, he or she can continue to do all the drama, dillydally. The moment you discover or he or she has revealed, that person also has a secret crush on you, no more drama can be done. Same way, till you understand Sadāshiva has secret crush on you only, all these sufferings in the life, drama in the life –“Am I accepted or rejected? Am I right or wrong? Am I sinner or saint?” – all this stupidity, dillydallying.

The moment you understand, “Aye, now I know. He also has a secret crush on me,” the whole drama is over.

Now you are His secret life partner. You are no more a secret crush; you are His secret life partner. That is the symbolic truth expressed in Meenakshi’s marriage.
Understand, now you know the truth – He also has a secret crush on you. Nothing more can be hidden. No more drama. Become part of His secret life. Become Sadāshiva’s secret life partner. Celebrate life. Other than your will, other than your intention to be, other than your declaration, nothing else is a reality, all other psychological, physiological, neurological ups and downs are not real. They do not exist. They cannot touch you. Apply that truth, here, now for this sacred secret.