Understand some of the basic truths. Your attitude towards a person decides whether you are going to be part of his public life, private life, secret life. Same applies – your attitude towards the Cosmos is going to decide whether you are going to be part of the Cosmos – public life, private life or secret life.
If you are part of Cosmos’ public life, you will be a great devotee, whatever you want will be showered, nurtured, nourished.
If you are part of Cosmos’ private life, you will be an Enlightened Being, whenever you want, He will manifest through you and bless few people around you.
Becoming part of His secret life, if you are part of His Cosmos’ secret life, then you know the nuances – how the Brahmānda [lit. the egg of Cosmos] functions.
Neither the law nor the logic defines the method of Brahmānda’s functions. Neither there is a law nor there is a logic in Sadāshiva’s functioning. There is a tremendous love and integrity to His love – need to be understood. Once you catch His love and His integrity to His love, you will understand, that is the way He functions.
Till you become part of His secret life, you will continue to have questions, stupid questions – why somebody is rich? Why somebody is poor? Why somebody lives long? Why somebody dies within few days of birth? Why somebody falls sick? Why somebody is healthy? – all this questions will be there. Either they will be haunting you or you will push them under the carpet and sit on it, whatever, but it will be there. It will be there!
Only when you become part of His secret life, you are He, He is you – you are an Incarnation. Whoever becomes part of the secret life of Sadāshiva, Cosmos – you are an Incarnation.
Understand, if you have the attitude – Cosmos is great, you are low – its half-truth. Cosmos is great is Truth, you are low – is a foolish logic out of which you function.
I want to remind you once more – for God to be great, you don’t need to be bad. It’s only in human kingdom, if somebody has to be a king, you have to be slave. If somebody has to be a boss, you have to be a slave. If somebody has to be leader, you have to be a follower; not in the Divine Kingdom, because in the Divine Kingdom the Head is not ‘one’, it is Oneness. It is not led by one, it is led by ONENESS. It is not headed by ‘one’,
it is headed by ONENESS. Understand, some of these vital understandings.