Q-Some live in the Ashram and some outside; are they all of the Great Mother's kith and kin or are some closely related and others more distantly?

Ma-Mother Kali is here ( this was Ranchi ashram where there is Kali temple.) in front of you. Does She belittle anyone? Why do all come to the Great Mother? Because all are alike to Her, all are Her kith and kin. But Her children ought to be aware of this!

Q-I always feel that everything in this world is fruitless and senseless--like in the workshop of a ghost. How can one escape from the grip of that ghost?

Ma-Who is the ghost? What is the work of man in the world? The ghost exists only because you think it does. Otherwise every man (jiva) is Siva, every woman Gauri. When you are yearning to do sadhana, you cannot remain without it. Even within the workshop of that 'ghost' you will very well be able to enter the current of sadhana. Depending on your interest, you will give preference to some work or other. On the spiritual path one has to fulfill one's duty. The Lord of Men comes in the guise of every human being to accept services from you. The housewife should regard her husband as an embodiment of the Lord and serve him with this attitude of mind. The small daughters of the family ought to be cared for as incarnations of the Virgin Mother and the sons as so many little Gopals who are in need of your love and affection. Why do you call this "the workshop of a ghost?" Carry out all work as God's service and there will be no such thing as a "workshop of a ghost."

Ma-The Ashram of the householder is a field of service and every service should be performed as the worship of God. Let the husband adore his wife as Lakshmi, the Goddess who presides over the home. Then you will see how full of happiness and joy life becomes.
To be able to keep up this attitude of serving God in all your actions, you must at fixed times of the day retire to your shrine-room for meditation, prayer, japa, the reading of scriptures and so forth, just as a clock has to be wound regularly. In this manner you will gradually come to do all your work as a divine service.

Q-I am aware of the fact that I am unable to attend to my duty. Is this a sign of spiritual progress?
Ma-Do you feel that you are unable to attend to it or have you not the power to overcome the obstacles that are in the way? The sense of want or insufficiency is salutary, for it awakens the remembrance of God and therefore helps one to advance.

Q-If I commit anything wrong, this is, according to the Shastras, due to some evil mental dispositions (sanskaras). Now the question arises: from where did the first evil disposition come?

Ma-All sadhanas are practised in order to discover this. Start meditating and invoking God's holy name and you will find that one day the reply to your question will come to you of itself.