327-Conversation with Ma.

Q-For the last thirty years I have kept satsang, yet my mind is not at peace. Like an ox that turns the wheel of an oil-mill I revolve and revolve. How can I find peace?
Ma-You have indeed kept satsang, but you have not reflected upon what you have been told. You have listened to words of wisdom, yet have not acted according to the injunctions of the wise; you have not thought deeply, not contemplated as advised. How will you win the Guru's grace?
Q-Why should the wise not let me have a share of what they have earned?
Ma-So you wish to enjoy the fruit of another's labour? So long as you do not meditate and act upon what you have been told, how can the path open out for you? If you practise whatever sadhana that suits your temperament and is within your capacity, your inner power will develop and increase. God is the Life of life, the Self. There is only one Life, one Self. In order to realise, to know it, you must resort to the spiritual exercise that appeals to you from deep within you. What have you done to find Him? How much work you do for worldly ends, how much trouble you take. But you sit down idly over the fact that you have forgotten your true nature--that you are the Atma, that you yourself are Peace. Have you made a sustained effort to realize this? Start right now some spiritual exercise for the purpose of this revelation. God has given you so much capacity to work. Dedicate at least a little more time to Him! And all the work you do in the world, lay as an offering at His feet. Regard yourself as His manager, don't feel that you are the boss. As the Lord's manager, serve Him in every human being. In your home there are the Goddess Lakshmi, Kumari Devi and Balgopal. Do service to them, do not neglect them, and you will be at peace. And whatever time you can spare, morning and evening, sit in solitude in your shrine-room and contemplate God's divine form, meditate on Him, worship Him. Start today, do not waste any more precious time!