Cherish this kundalini current. Cherish, decide, entertain, enjoy, celebrate, this one kundalini current - ‘I am what I want to be, my intention; my fundamental right is building my bliss chemistry independent of anything external.’
Cherish, cherish, cherish, entertain, enjoy, celebrate this beautiful kundalini current, you will be ready, you will be ready for more mystical powers in Kumbh Mela, to receive in Kumbh Mela.
Be blissful because you are what your intention to be. Your physiological, psychological, neurological ups and downs are not you; neither down, nor up, both are not you. It is not that you will not enjoy if you know the ups are not you; not that you will not enjoy. You will enjoy independently, freely, without the side effect of down. The side effect of up is down. Without the side effect of down you will be celebrating; because whether up comes or goes you know you are not up.
When you know you are not ups and downs, don’t worry that ups will be taken away from you; only the downs disappear, ups become your natural flow of existence. When you don’t care, you go higher than ups and downs. Higher than ups and downs means up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up.
Any small thing, you will enjoy. There won’t be any requirement for something big for you to fall into your bliss chemistry.
You are a teddy bear soaked in honey; nothing much is required for you to make the honey as a experience for you and others. Just a small touch is enough, you will also be enjoying the sweet and you will share that with others.
Your senses does not need to be excited for your bliss. Your ideas does not need to be accredited, recognized for bliss.
You are blissful just because what you intend to be. You are what you intend to be. Be blissful because you are Mahadeva.