On another day, in 1922, his devotees witnessed a dramatic revelation of his Divine Nature. Twenty-five or so devotees had gathered for meditation at seven o'clock in the evening. Suddenly they discovered Nityananda in their midst, crouching and straining, looking as though he were going to vomit. Instead, they saw a huge flash of light around his form. When they approached Nityananda, all signs of life had left his body, which was quickly growing stiff. Immediately word went out that the young Master had entered mahasamadhi. The devotees watched over Nityananda all night. No one touched the body and no doctor was called in. However, they did hold cotton near his nose to see if there was any breath, but none was detected. Suddenly, at four o'clock in the morning, Nityananda began to move.

Completely startled, his devotees placed him on a bed and stretched his limbs. When they put questions to him, Nityananda responded almost incoherently, saying, "The time has not yet come. This one came a little out of place and out of time. The time is not yet. Nobody appreciates and understands the things he does. So he wanted to discard the body and go. But a few sages met and they told this one, 'You go back. You have taken the body, why not use it up?' Let's see, Ramakrishna was there, Vivekananda was there. . ." He mentioned five names, but the people who were around him could not remember them all. In five-minutes he was fully conscious, and would answer no more questions.