"Lord, grant me to be pure compassion
Help me to tide people over their grief and fears
Aid me to build a world where there is no murder
and where there is no eating by killing.

Let me sing
Your glory without end—
Lord my Mother,
For this I pray."

He does not have any hostile reaction to this people ideas, and do not preach
them, but instead he place his agony before God. The fact that vegetarianism exists on a considerable scale in Tamil Nadu today is largely owing to Vallalar Swamigal. His
disciple Velayuda Mudaliar writes (to quote Mudaliar’s original in English): ‘He
(Ramalinga Swamigal) had a strange faculty about him, witnessed very often, of
changing a carnivorous person into a vegetarian; a more glance from him seemed
enough to destroy the desire for animal food.’

Source: Vallalar - Messenger of Grace Light, p. 23