The Primal Lord blesses all inhabitants of Earth below and the heavens above. From the soul’s blackest chamber, He dispels darkness by radiating from within the pure rays of His dazzling light.

Tirumantiram 435

Pervading all nature, Siva blesses all. But they know not the Truth and adore Him not. To them who adore Him Who is immanent, He is the golden stem of the lotus of the heart deep within.

Tirumantiram 1717

Let your awareness be unswerving, bound to the muladhara. Through the spinal shaft within, gaze into the inner void. See and yet see not. Hear and yet hear not. Thus sit in meditation. That is the sure means to bar death’s way. When pranayama is practiced in proper time-measure, breath retention will stand harmonized with prana. In him who trains breath that is prana, time and life remain inseparable.

Tirumantiram 591-592

Let all your thoughts be thoughts of Siva, and the Lord by His grace will reveal all. If your thoughts are Siva-saturated, He will abide ever so closely in you.

Tirumantiram 1582

Step by step, practice withdrawal of the mind and look inward. One by one, you will witness the myriad good things within. Now and here below, you may meet the Lord for whom the ancient Veda still searches everywhere.

Tirumantiram 578

Though they practice yoga for eight thousand years, still men do not see the Lord, sweet as ambrosia and delightful to the eye. But if, illumined, you seek Him within, He is there in you, as a reflection in a mirror.

Tirumantiram 603