Lecture 30 - The Self is not Affected by the Body

A man travelling in a train may cover a considerable distance, yet he does not walk that distance himself. The train goes the distance, yet the man claims that he has covered it. In the same fashion, the individual consciousness (jiva), without doing a single thing, says that it has done everything.

You cannot strike a blow to fire, yet as soon as the fire mingles with iron, it has to suffer repeated blows from a sledgehammer. Similarly, when the Self associates with the body, it suffers sorrows and miseries. Iron derives considerable benefit in association with fire. It cannot be given a desired shape without the help of the fire, but the fire itself remains unaffected. Much in a similar fashion, the body can be fruitfully employed in association with the Self, but the deeds of the body do not affect it.

When water breaks into ripples, the reflection cast in it by the Sun moves. It appears as if the Sun has moved and rendered the water turbulent. Similarly, the Self seems to have become turbulent due to concepts. Everything that seems to exist in this universe is based only on concepts and is therefore untrue. Hence, one should give up all concepts dismissing them as untrue.

One who has intense faith in his Master is blessed with the Master’s grace, which is true understanding. The Master’s grace depends upon the intensity of faith that one has in Him. Love for the Master helps us to get over the passionate attachment to desires. Loyalty to the "Ultimate Truth" leads to Self-realization, whereas loyalty to desires leads only to the generation of more desires. The Self is present everywhere, even present even in desires, but desires have blinded the Self into believing that "I am male, female, etc."

The Master weans his disciples from desires and reveals their True Nature to them. To get rid of the inclination towards desires, it is necessary not only to say that the desires are untrue, but also to bring this understanding directly into practice. The attitude of the individual consciousness, is that of both a slave, and a Master. Although one may say that desires are untrue and that the world is untrue, still this attitude is not put into practice.

Amrut Laya - The Stateless State