16. suddha-tattva-samdhanadva'pasusaktih //

By aiming at the pure element of Siva, he possesses Siva's unlimited energy.

“In the sutra, "the pure element" (suddha tattva) refers only to supreme Siva. Now, what do we have to do with that? We have to make this universal objectivity enter in that supreme consciousness of pure Siva. You must see that this universe is residing in that pure element. There you will never find any impure object. Everything will appear to you as divine.

When you target, which means "aim at," and then perceive that this whole universe is existing in the pure state of Siva, in this way you will discard and be separated from the entangling energy that binds you with the wheel of differentiated perception. Instantly, you will become one with this universal state that is just like the pure element of Siva (sadasiva) and you will become master of the universe.

This is also said in Laksmikaularnava Tantra:

The yogic powers which are attained with the perfection of an initiation from a great master, when compared with this supreme universal consciousness, are not equal to its sixteenth part. These yogic powers are nothing in comparison. They are all to be discarded. You have only to own and maintain this universal-I (mantra virya).

That is called samdhana. The Sanskrit word samdhana means "aiming." Aiming and entry, aiming and enjoying, aiming and feeling, aiming and attaining. And it is not only aiming, for this is just what we do when we meditate. We may meditate for one hour, two hours or three hours and during this time, we are always aiming, aiming, aiming. We are only aiming. But we have to aim once and for all. Aim and attain it. That is what is called samdhana (aiming).

The Vijnana Bhairava also speaks in the same way:

With one-pointed attention, you must feel and perceive that this universe and your body are simultaneously one with Shiva consciousness. Then the rise of that supreme Shiva consciousness takes place. (Vijnana bhairava 36)
This is also explained in Spanda Karika in this verse:
For such a yogi who has this kind of perception, this world is a playground. Always filled with joy, he is never sad. Doubtlessly, he is liberated while living (jivan mukta). (Spanda Karika 2.5)

~ Shiva Sutras, The Supreme Awakening ~