Be a light unto yourself

‘When Buddha was leaving his body, he revealed to his disciples, Be a light unto yourself! Be a light unto yourself.

Buddha is one of the greatest enlightened Masters who happened on planet Earth.
If you ask me, when leaving the body, Buddha shared the most powerful important secret with which he lived. I tell you, I will not be able to use a better word than - be a light unto yourself. This is the secret with which even I am living. This is the secret with which all Masters are living. Raise yourself by yourself; do not defeat yourself by yourself.

I can see so many thousands of people who are just not able to raise themselves by themselves. It does not mean they don’t have the ability or capability. They don’t want to. They think this is enough. They even come to the conclusion - what is wrong with normal life? It’s okay!

The last life solution I used on me before falling into the abyss of bliss and enlightenment were these words. I was in the worst depression, but did not torture anybody else. I just felt hopeless; I felt that all doors were shut.

It became almost like my heart was being squeezed out. Literally I could feel that squeezing. I lost respect on everything – spirituality, enlightenment, Masters, Ramakrishna, Ramana, who were like part of my life, blood, my very self. Lost everything. It was like a complete darkness.

But somehow, this one verse was strongly inside me. It just raised itself - like if a man tries to stand up and walk after being beaten, how it will feel - exactly like that. This one verse, even after being beaten by my distrust, doubt, everything, just stood as one last ray of hope in me. You need to raise yourself by yourself. If anybody else raises you, they can always put you down. It is you who needs to raise yourself into enlightenment. This was the last meal handed over to me by my Master before I started cooking for myself. This was the last strength with which the Cosmos pushed me into my higher self.

I can tell you - the moment I realized, Yes, I have to raise myself, immediately that one ray of hope became a decision to become enlightened. When that decision opened up, there were no patterns stopping that decision in my inner space. That decision expanded, expanded, and no pattern – doubt or greed or attachment or fear or guilt - was there to stop it. Suddenly, I could see my whole inner space was filled with that one decision.

When that decision exploded, I saw I am sitting as a Buddha. Suddenly that explosion landed in some other plane.

I thought, Oh, God! That’s it! That’s all!

I tell you, whenever you have a low mood, whenever you deviate, it is you who needs to raise yourself by yourself. Atma deepo bhava – Be a light unto yourself.’