' Shiva-Gita '

Rama said:

O Self of the universe! Withdraw this cosmic form of Yours. By Thy grace, O Sambhu, the ocean of the world (of existence) has been seen (by me). 39

The Lord said:

O Rama, the mighty-armed! There is nothing other than I.

Suta said:

Saying thus, the Lord withdrew the Gods and the other (forms) into His own form. 40

Closing his eyes in sheer delight, Rama again opened his eyes and saw the Lord standing over the tiger-skin on the crest of the (Himalaya) mountain. Rama saw Lord Nilaka??ha with three eyes and five faces, donning the tiger skin, His person adorned with sacred ash, wearing the serpents as His bracelets and sacred thread, wearing matted locks, blazing like lightening. (He saw) the One, the Lord of the universe, with moon on His crest, the supremely adorable, assuring freedom from fear, with four arms, holding a battle-axe, with a deer in one hand. 41-44

Then prostrating, Rama, at the Lordís command, sat in front of Him. Then, the God of Gods told Rama, ìWhatever you want to ask, O Rama, you can ask of Me. There is no preceptor for you other than I.î 45

Thus ends the seventh chapter called the Vision of the Cosmic Form in the form of a dialogue between Siva and Rama in the Siva-Gita an upanishad delivering Brahma-vidya, and a yoga sastra occurring in the Padma Purana.