He avoided flesh-eating as something fundamentally cruel and unspiritual, and
banned flesh-eaters from his Fellowship. He averred that he received this intimation directly from God:

Lord of Grace who counseled me,
‘Keep me aloof from killers of life
and feeders on meat. They are aliens
to you. Hold no rapport with them
nor any tie with them, except
to save them from hunger, if needed to be,
true to compassion, with compassion
unfailing to all life, swear, O swear!
Lord of resounding glory, Lord of Mercy,
Dancing for the common wealth, glory to You.
He emphatically repudiated flesh-eating:
The miracle-working adept,
Though he may change a man
into a girl, and that girl, freshly risen in beauty,
Back to a virile man in a trice,
Though he may raise men from the dead,
I swear by my Master, I swear
by God’s effulgent Flame,
If he be thinking, in his merciless mind,
To eat and feed on a body that was house of life,
Him I do not hold in reverence.

He expressed himself against animal sacrifice:

People plant demeaning little gods
over the land, and in the names of these,
They kill sheep and swine and fowl and bulls,
Bleeding their robust lives
I am witness to this, and weary;
My reason fails, my senses reel.
The red houses of abhorrence
of these wretched little gods
I have pain in seeing it.
He prays:
Lord, grant me
to be pure compassion
Help me
to tide people over their grief and fears
Aid me
to build a world where there is no murder
and where there is no eating by killing.
Let me sing
Your glory without end—
Lord my Mother,
For this I pray.

He does not have any hostile reaction to this people ideas, and do not preach
them, but instead he place his agony before God. The fact that vegetarianism exists on a considerable scale in Tamil Nadu today is largely owing to Vallalar Swamigal.

Source : Vallalar Messenger of Grace Light