It would appear that towards the end of his Karunguzhi years, with the
founding of the Sanmarga Sangam, Vallalar felt that he had sufficiently prepared
himself for his mission in life. He spoke like any inspired prophet, with a sense of
his mission derived from God and from his living in God:

The Lord sent me to this world to help men that abuse the earth,
Blotches of black within and white without,
to restore them and set them on the path
of the high quest, so that they may attain
the fulfillment of the soul on the earth here and now.
For this He blessed me with His Grace.

He gave his call in no uncertain terms:

Men of the world, you have missed the truth
Your body was fed on rot, your mind remain only at a surface level
Your learning goes down, your joy is deception
Your ear listen only to the tribal
Your sight only look at the past
Hear the truth of the common final path
Seek the Grace so you may gain a life of rejoice and an undying body.

And again:

I say only what the Lord tells me,
no words plus or minus
Indeed, by myself, what wisdom do I have
but what the Lord gives me?

Source : Vallalar Messenger of Grace Light