2269. Mystery of Parting Life From Body

The Lord is the Para;
He is beginningless;
He is beyond five states of experience,
He is the Pure One,
Seated within the heart;
He is birthless;
Why this lovely body and life
He parts—
That mystery, I knew.

2270. 36 Saktis are Dynamic Aspects of Static Parapara

Sakti in Parapara is Para Sakti;
Sakti in Santhi is Chit Sakti;
Sakti in Paranand is Icca Sakti;
Sakti in luminous Bindu is Jnana Sakti;
Sakti in Maya is Kriya Sakti;
When Jiva these Saktis receive,
Then it reposes integral in the Divine.

2271. Beyond Tattvas is Divine Bliss

They who know Him
Beyond the Tattvas six times six
Truly know Him;
Beyond the Tattvas six times six
They receive His Grace;
They who have Knowledge True
Beyond the Tattvas six times six
Only to them, is He the Divine Bliss;
He the Hara
That is beyond the Tattvas,
Six times six.

2272. When Jiva is Rid of Malas by Siva-Sakti

Transcending the organs five (external)
And the four (internal),
In the (union) within of five (states) avastas,
The Jiva slumbers;
Then does the wondrous Lord
Appearing with Sakti of slender Form
Rid the Jiva of its poisons (Malas),
Forever to rejoice.

2273. Beyond Turiya is Turiya-Turiya or Para Turiya; and Paraatita Turiya

is Further Beyond
In Jagra-Turiya State
The Jiva realizes Self;
Then beyond are States
Turiya-Jagrat, Turiya Svapna, Turiya Sushupti, and Turiya-Turiya
In that Para Turiya State the Jiva is Para;
In the Turiya State still beyond, (Para-Turiya-atita)
Jiva becomes Siva.

2274. In Para-atita Turiya State Jiva Becomes Beyond-Param

In desire bereft of desires,
As Jiva aspires to Para-atita-turiya State
And steadfast perseveres in it,
He becomes Beyond-Param (Siva);
The tapasvins who practise not
Will never Param become;
They are forever fettered
In Pasas several.

2275. Freed of Maya, Jnana Dawns and Bliss Ensues

The Maya we seek to understand
Envelops Soul, inside and out;
The hypnosis it creates baffles thought and word;
When you are freed from it,
Your knowledge becomes purified;
It is transmuted into Sivananda
And becomes a protective roof over you.

2276. From Turiya to Turiyatita

The Jiva was in Turiya State;
Unto a swift steed
Was into the Turiyatita Jagra State led;
The Master
Thus had the (Karmic) jackals chased away;
And the Karmas stood howling,
Disappointed sore.

2277. In Turiyatita State Jiva Becomes Siva

In this Turiyatita Jagrat State
The Lord of Dance with Jiva in union stands
When that union takes place
Maya vanishes away;
That very day Jiva attains Siva Form.

2278 Maya Lights the Path to Turiyya and There Remains

If in Jagra State
Where Jiva is,
He upward, ascends,
Well may Maya serve
A lamp to light his path;
Then, when he reaches Turiya State,
He his Self realizes;
Albeit in that Turiya State
Maya will still be.
(The Soul should further ascend to the Turiyatita State.)

2279. Self-Realization in Turiya State is not the End

Knowing not your Self
You deemed body as Self;
When in Turiya you entered,
You realized the Self;
Even though you realized Self,
Birth's cycle will leave you not;
(Therefore, ascend further upward
Into the Turiyatita State)
And unite in Lord,
Pervasive and Pure.

2280. Beyond Turiya State is Union in Siva. This body is to birth subject,

Turiya State belongs to body and Jiva alike;
These subject to birth and death are;
When on them Grace of Holy Guru descends,
Two there is none,
Jiva in Siva unites one.

2281. Beyond Four States in Turiya is Para Turiya

If Jiva in Turiya State
Having experienced in succession
Jagra, Svapna, Sushupti states within,
Perseveres further,
Then he enters Para Turiya;
There verily Jiva becomes Para.

2282. End of Para Turiya is Siva Turiya

Succeeding Para Turiya Jagra State
Is the Para Turiya Svapna State
That engrosses the universe entire;
Then is Para Turiya Sushupti State
Where Upasantha (Peace beyond understanding) is;
That transcending, Jiva reaches Siva Turiya State.

2283. End of Para Turiya is Siva Turiya

Succeeding Para Turiya Jagra State
Is the Para Turiya Svapna State
That engrosses the universe entire;
Then is Para Turiya Sushupti State
Where Upasantha (Peace beyond understanding) is;
That transcending, Jiva reaches Siva Turiya State.

2284. Beyond the Ten Avastas in Jiva Turiya, Para Turiya and

Siva Turiya is the Eleventh State of Consciousness of Para Nandi (Siva)
Thus Jiva, who has Para become,
From Jiva Turiya onward
Up to Siva Turiya,
Ten avastas (States) experiences;
Then enters the State Eleventh
Where he merges into Truth of Para Nandi (Siva)
And finally goes beyond,
All eleven States thus ensured.

2285. Further Beyond Para Siva State is Paramam (Brahmam),

Paramparam and Para Maha Sivam
Beyond Para Siva is Paramam (Brahmam);
Beyond Paramam is Paramparam (Para Brahmam);
Thus are states ascending;
From Para Siva Jagra, to Para Siva Svapna, and to Para Siva Sushupti
The Jiva that has Para Siva become reaches
The Finite Truth that is Para Nandi.

2286. Nine Manifestations of Para Siva

Pertaining to Para Siva
Are the (Para) Sakti,
Para Nada and Para Bindu;
And Sadasiva, Brahma, and Hari;
Rudra the Lord of Devas,
And Mahesvara to count.

2287. True Knowledge

Knowing that not
They rule not the (Spiritual) Kingdom;
In pomp and vanity they indulge;
That indeed is sorrow;
They know not, He pervades all;
They know not
The sea-girt seven Worlds
Will a shamble be;
They know not
That Siva with Jiva and Body
Commingling stands.

2288. End Ego-Awareness; Self is Realized;

Perform penances true
That your Future holds;
Know thyself,
And the merciful Lord
His Grace confers;
When my ego awareness ended,
Then I knew my Self;
And bliss am I.

2289. Way of Self-Realization Through Thought Process

Think of gold jewellery,
Thought of gold metal is not;
Think of gold metal
Thought of jewellery is not;
Think of sense organs, Self is not;
Think of Self, sense organs are not.

2290. Sublimation of Thought

Think of wood
Image of toy-elephant recedes;
Think of toy-elephant
Image of wood recedes;
Think of elements five
Thought of Param recedes
Think of Param,
Thought of elements recedes.

2291. Knowledge of Siva, Sakti and Jiva (Si-Va-Ya) is Liberation

Transcending Tattvas
Six times six,
The letters "Na" and "Ma"
Knowledge Becoming,
Jiva thus liberated rises,
As letter "Ya;"
Merging in letter "Va" denoting Sakti
And in letter "Si" denoting Siva
Jiva ("Ya") becomes Si Va Ya
That Mukti is.

2292. Experiences in Para Turiya

The Turiya State holds
The Letters-Five (Panchakshara);
In the Para Turiya Jagra State
Are the letters Fifty and One;
In the Para Turiya Svapna State
Is Nada;
In the Para Turiya Sushupti State
Is Bodha;
Beyond appears Paramam (Brahmam).
In Para Turiya-Turiya State.

2293. Pure (Suddha) Experience and Supreme (Para) Experience Beyond Jiva Experiences

In Sakala condition of Jiva,
These five experiences are by Grace attained;
Then follows the Suddha Avasta (Pure Experience) State;
That in intensity experiencing,
The Para Avasta (Supreme Experience) of Nandi is attained;
Then, as before light darkness flees;
The Five Malas for ever vanish.

2294. State of Suddha Avasta (Pure Experience)

The limited sphere of Tattvas
Five times Five,
And Maya Impure,
--Unreal are they;
Leaving them,
Let Jiva ascend
Into the Sphere of Mamaya (Pure-Impure);
Penetrating it,
Further beyond
In the State of Para-Avasta, (Pure Experience)
That is Pure (Suddha);
There the Soul is All-Existence
And Non-Existence at once.

2295. Lord As Guru Guides the Soul's Journey

As Grace, He stood
As Param, He stood
As Love, He stood;
As one Form merged,
He stood;
He transcended experiences all,
But abandoned me not
He, the Lordly Guru, the Natha,
Of Divine Jnana