' Master of Self-Realization '

73. The State of Victory

The body has a particular shape according to its state (childhood, youth, old age, etc.). It cannot hold on to its shape of its own accord. It has the shape because of the miraculous power of the Life-Energy, Chaitanya. Consciousness, although it is in the body, has no particular form or shape. Consciousness has as its natural quality to make us feel or sense something. That quality is called "Chaitanya as Knowledge." That Life-Energy as Knowledge assumes that it is this or that body, and functions accordingly at the time of identifying with some form. Without thinking of its being the Self, the Consciousness considers as true whatever is seen, or whatever appears as existing, and functions with that confusion.

Actually, whether it wields a body or not, it is "Life" without bounds, or any particular form. It is flawless, but it assumes that it has a form, or rather, that it is itself the form of the body, which is a foolish blunder. With the concept of being a body held very strongly, it demands outer property and possessions that it thinks to be suitable for it. Thus, because it becomes ignorant of its Reality it becomes enamoured with the body that is perishable. It gives the body extraordinary importance and unnecessarily suffers lots of sorrow.