Through pure concentration all is possible. But the least trace of egotism prevents the spiritual growth. The one who wants to lead a spiritual life must be quite transformed and change all values. The cause of our misery is that we cling to forms and believe them to be real. This we must understand: Real joy exists only in spiritual life. The only way to experience it is to know and understand what the universe really is. We have to orient ourselves so that we see the whole world divine. It is said in the Isha Upanishad, ‘Everything that moves in this world must be covered with the Lord.’ Our old world has to go. And instead we shall see the world as it is, see God in all, see how the Divine breaks through names and forms. There is not a place where God is not. The only thing we have to do is to open our eyes and see Him— in good and evil, happiness and unhappiness, in joy and sorrow and in death. One may exchange the word God for life. To be conscious that ‘All Life is One’ gives a bliss that does not change. If you feel unhappy and restless it comes from ignorance of this truth, from being rooted in the idea of manifoldness and differences between individuals and things. All, all are only variations of That which is the centre, which is the One.