343 ~ Conversation with Ma.

Two European psychologists came to Ma and this was the conversation......

Q- Psychologists cure patients by talking to them. With you it seems that your emanation cures people even without words. It is our endeavour to help people. What is the most essential thing we should do for them?

Ma- Who in this world can be called normal? Everyone appears to be mad after one thing or another: some after money, some after beauty, some after music, others after their children, and so forth— nobody is really quite balanced.

Q- What then is the remedy?

Ma- Just as one does not water the leaves of a tree but its roots, so one has to grapple with man’s disease at its root. Man’s root lies in the brain. Therefore the remedy for all ills is to still the mind. When man’s mind has been stilled, all will be well with him, both physically and psychologically.

Q- How does the mind become still?

Ma- By treading the path that leads to the realization of “Who am I?” Your body that was young and is old now with its greying hair does not last forever. It is not the real ‘I’. Therefore man has to find out who he really is. When he tries to do this, his mind will be supplied with the right nourishment that will calm it. The right sustenance for the mind cannot be had from anything that is of this world and therefore perishable, but solely from that which is Eternal. The taste of the eternal will still the mind.
The universe was created out of joy and this is why you find joy in the things of this world. Without joy life is an ordeal. You must try to attain to that great joy which has brought forth the world.

Q- What is the special contribution a woman has to make as apart from a man?

Ma- A woman is essentially a mother and consequently her duty is to serve everyone. Further since she is daughter, wife, mother all in one, to recognise the oneness of the three. Besides, in every woman is contained a man and in every man a woman. If man were not contained within you, you would not be able to recognise a man; and if woman were not contained in a man, he would be unable to recognise a woman. Thus one of the most important tasks of a woman is to discover the man in herself.

Q- What then is the special contribution a man can give?

Ma- Man is the reflection of the Supreme Purusha the one who upholds the universe. True manliness means divinity. But then there is Atma which is beyond man and woman. Everyone has to find that Atma that lies hidden within himself. It is the task of every human being to unfold both the man and woman potentially contained within him or herself and to realise the Atma which is beyond man and woman.