Once, even the Lord wanted to know the nature of these sensual pleasures that Sundara relished so ardently in Parava's company(his wife). Sundara retorted cleverly: "Can a spoon know the taste of the dish? Can the eye feast on its own beauty? Can the bedspread enjoy its own softness? You alone are the essence of all enjoyments, being their indweller. Being Your form, everything seen and unseen, derives its quality that is sought after. Dancing to the tunes of the five senses, the ignorant fool that I am, rush after fleeting things, forsaking Your lotus feet, which are their prop and essence. Forgive my temerity to babble like this in your presence." Saying this he fell prostrate at the Lord's feet and then stood silent like a humble servant. Tyagesha, satisfied with his mature eloquence, decided to impart to him the non-dual teaching, in the presence of sages like Sanaka, etc:

Hearken O Sundara!

I Am the actionless, pure, peaceful, taintless, unadulterated, perfect, immanent Light. You are That, for sure. In the beginning I alone Am.

Upon the annihilation of everything, that which remains as the eternal and impartite residuum am I.
Dwelling as the thumb-sized Purusha in the heart cavern am I, the Absolute (Purna) One.
Meditating upon Me, the source of their pure hearts, ascetics realize their True Self.
At my command the mind dissolves, the vital airs(pranas) traverse from the heart and also desert the body, like the waters from a perforated pot.
Though all the beings arise and subside in Me, I remain immutable like the pure sky that is untainted by the traversing clouds.
The consciousness pervading Brahma down to a stump of grass Am I - realizing thus the jiva escapes the repetitive existence.
That principle by which the eye sees form, the ear hears sound and the tongue tastes flavors AM I, being the one power behind all the senses.
Just as the light of a small lamp is paled in the sunlight, even so, the brilliance of all luminaries of the cosmos put together becomes drowned in the light of my Being.
As the army follows its commander, so does everything follow Me.
Just as downpours or droughts of whatever magnitude cannot cause the ocean to wax or wane, so creation or dissolution of the universe cannot affect Me.
Can the wavering image of the moon reflected in the agitated water of a pot, or the scenes in a transient dream be real? So is the universe!
There is a pair of birds on a tree. While one bird(jiva) savours all the tasty fruits and reaps the sour 'fruits' thereby, the other (Shiva) remains a witness, watching the show. Entangled in the worldly pursuits, all the innumerable jivas revel in Me like drops in the ocean. Realizing this one transcends birth.
No amount of logic can reveal Me. Only the immaculate wisdom of the Upanishads can lead to Me like a lamp illuminating the objects around. By Bhakti alone the Upanishadic wisdom shall dawn. This Bhakti is the result of My grace achieved by unswerving and unconditional surrender to Me. Then, one shall be rid of sorrow.
Ishvara Himself unfolds and withdraws the manifold universe like the spider's web. This knowledge leads to liberation.
He who surrenders to Me, the Parameshvara reigning over the hearts of all, shall be saved, even if he be a dunce.

O Sundara ! This knowledge of the Vedanta has been imparted to you. This wisdom shines in those who are unattached, and bestows on them emancipation. By matchless devotion, earnestness and austerities, one shall win the Guru's grace and has his doubts cleared.
As you have surrendered to Me, body and soul, you have been enlightened by Me with this partless knowledge of Brahman.
The snake after sloughing does not care for the old skin. So should you, having known Me, not dwell in the activities of the world.
May you be enlightened by this Chinmudra of mine and escape the vicious world cycle.

Saying this, the Lord Tyagesha demonstrated the knowledge-bestowing Chinmudra. Sundara and the pious sages like Sanaka and Sanandana got their doubts cleared and with hearts brimming with the non-dual wisdom, devotion and joy, they repeatedly prostrated and saluted the Lord Tyageshvara. Meditating on the Chinmudra, they were established in tapas.
Residing in Parava's mansion in Kamalalayam, Sundara spent his time sweet in the joyous services of the Lord by singing many hymns in chaste Tamil. Gradually, he was purified of the act of having engaged the Lord as a meditator to wed Parava,

Those who read or listen to this wondrous story become liberated by the Lord's grace.