My problem is that I have known something within myself that no one around knows, and I know the significance of this. I know what it means to be with this or not to be with this. For nothing in the universe would I want to be deprived of what I have within me right now, because this is much more
than anything else. I am talking in this context. For someone else, the uncle’s daughter’s friend’s
birthday may be more exciting than this.

It is unfortunate if your life passes away without knowing the profoundness of your existence. Missing that possibility is tragic. But even to know that something tragic is happening, you need a certain awareness. Millions and millions of people are born and will go through life without knowing anything, and they will die without even a pang of wanting to know. The fact that you are sitting here means you at least had one pang of wanting to know something beyond your limitations. You should not ignore that.

That pang, that longing to know is very important and significant. That must be fueled and nurtured. It must become such a longing that you cannot live without knowing. But because you do not know what to do, you have to wait. Whatever you do is wrong. The compassionate Buddha called everyone in the world a fool. Even I think so, but I do not say that because I am in the 21st century. Twenty-five centuries ago, he could say what he wanted. Today, you must be politically correct. Even if the politics are stupid, you have to adjust to it and say utterly idiotic things that do not make any life sense.