The useful guilt

There is a certain guilt that is useful for you, a guilt which if pursued intelligently can cause you to move forward in life.

It is like this: when you see that you have the potential to do something, when you feel that you have so much potential which you are not using at all, then if you are intelligent, guilt will happen in you. This guilt can spur you to start doing things that will actualize your entire potential.

Sometimes we see the state of things around us and we know in one corner of our mind that we can very well help turn the situation around. But either due to laziness or due to the fear of confrontation, or due to the fear of taking responsibility, we just keep quiet and watch.

This type of situation can cause deep guilt in us. This guilt is significant.

If we take steps to correct the situation by doing what we really feel we should do, then the guilt will disappear and we will also move forward.

This type of guilt has the ability to drive you to do what needs to be done. Because of its very nature, you cannot harbor this guilt for long. You have to get over it. And the way to get over it is by doing what needs to be done. Once it is done, the guilt also disappears.

How long you wish to harbor this guilt without
taking steps, for that long you suffer from it.

This is the simple logic of this guilt.

Another manifestation of this guilt happens
when you can feel your ego surfacing in
certain situations and you are unable to help
it. When you can smell your ego but you are
unable to control it, this guilt arises in you.
This guilt is also good since it is a sign of the
deep awareness of your own ego.

It facilitates you to sincerely work towards eliminating that ego.