The Goddess then asks,

If this is the nature of the universal self,
Then who is to be worshipped?
Who do I invoke, and who do I meditate upon?

To whom do I offer oblations,
To whom do I sacrifice?
If everything is divine,
And consciousness merges with that divine essence,
Then what happens to the distinction
Between worshipper and worshipped?

The Lord Who Shines Upon All replied,

Oh Goddess, the practices you are speaking of
Refer only to the externals,
When you enter into the great Self,
All prayers go on inside you spontaneously
Without ceasing.

In reality, all songs of gratitude
And ecstatic lovemaking are resonating in
Every particle of creation at every moment.
When you are established in this recitation
You are listing, and you hear them.

~ Vijnanabhairava Tantra