2314 In Jiva-Siva Union All Fade

When that State is attained,
Where the Self becomes Siva,
The Malas, the Pasas diverse,
Gunas and experiences
That arose for the estranged Jiva,
Will all, all, fade,
Even as does the beams of the moon
In the presence of the rising sun.

2315 When Jiva Becomes Pervasive as Siva

Within them,
(Who have attained Siva-State,)
There is fire, water and air;
The sun and the moon are there seated;
Hari, Brahma and Rudra
Are also in their heart.

2316 Attain Jnana and Enter Heavenly Home

He who, the elephants of senses five subdues,
Lights the lamp of Jnana
And entering its radiance,
Drives the darkness within;
For him
It is easy
To ascend the Heavenly Home (Siva Loka).

2317 Dance of Siva Seen Within

The moving breeze
That the Dancing Feet wafts;
The vibrant sound
That the Damaruka drum emitts;
The celestial music,
That the chanting Vedas and Agamas produces;
All these in nadis within I experienced.

2318 Self-Knowledge is True Knowledge

The effect of goodly tapas
In past performed,
Can with knowledge
In present be discerned;
Self-knowledge is knowledge true,
The rest is but knowledge demented.

2319 In Actionless Contemplation Divine Message Comes

To be actionless is Siva's bliss;
They who are actionless
Seek not Siva Yoga;
They who are actionless
Will not in world merge;
Only to them who are actionless
Is the Divine message to be.

2320 In Samadhi Jiva Unites in Siva

They who attain Samadhi
They and He one become;
Sundered will be Malas,
Vanished the Jiva-State;
Their body (as Divine Light)
Will in Siva's World be;
They in Siva unite
Devoid of blemishes eight.

2321 Pedda or Jiva Mukti

At the eternal Feet of Hara,
The Sakti appears;
And as it appears
The interminable darkness
Of Jiva disappears,
And Light dawns;
And Jiva perserveres incessant
In the way of time-honoured Jnana
And thus reaches the State of Pedda (Jiva) Mukti.

2322 Jiva Knowledge is Doubt-Tossed; Siva Knowledge is
Light Divine

As the Sakti aids the Jiva
In Boddha as well as Mukti
Jiva that is doubt-tossed in the first,
Becomes doubt-free in the second;
And in that condition
Sakti grants its divine instrument
Of Jnana to Jiva;
That verily is the abiding Light
That transcends Jiva's flickering light.

2323 By Grace Jiva Becomes Knower

Devoid of knowledge
Are Tattvas thirty and six;
The Self that knows
I know not;
"You shall know"
Thus blessed Nandi;
Then I knew
That I am the Knower.

2324 Jnana Siva and Jnana Sakti Appeared

He who transformed me into Himself,
He, the Lord of Jnana,
The First of Celestials,
The peerless gem's
Light Resplendent;
And She, Sakti-Grace
Of Jnana Pure,
She, the Immaculate
--Them I saw in this fleshly body.

2325 Love, Jnana, and Bliss of Siva-Sakti

Light and Darkness
Are Parai (Sakti), and the Love within Parai;
Transcend the Self;
Beyond is Love that is Grace,
Transcend the Mala Darkness
Beyond is Light that is Jnana;
Transcend them too;
Then is the Gift that is Siva's-Bliss.