Q: Does the Guru's grace burn up karma? Can the Guru take away some of our past bad karma?

AS: I served Bhagavan for many years. By doing a lot of service to Bhagavan with all my heart and my full mind, the karmas of my previous lives were erased easily. It was all through his grace.

When this period was over Bhagavan told me, 'Your karmas are finished'. I did not expect Bhagavan to give me such a great blessing.

Finding a great Guru like Bhagavan depends on one's karma.

One cannot hope to find such a Guru unless one has done tapas in previous lives.

The path of jnana is for those who only have a little karma left.

Those who still have many karmas to undergo cannot follow the path of jnana successfully because they don't have the capacity to be still and quiet. Only those who have learned how to be still can abide in the Self.

LWB, p. 330