17. svamatranirmanamapadayati //

Experiencing that this objective world is the product of his subjective consciousness, he can create anything he desires.
In this sutra, the word svamatra means "the product of one's own consciousness." When one's own consciousness congeals in the shape of time and space, that is the measure for the creativity of consciousness. So he can create this universe according to his choice. He can create whatever he thinks, whatever he desires. He does it because he creates it.

This is said in Svacchanda Tantra:
By taking the deception of grossness, he becomes gross in this universe and by taking the deception of subtleness, he becomes subtle. Therefore, existing in both, he alone is the player in the gross and subtle worlds.
(Svacchanda Tantra 4.295)

In Pratyabhijna Karika, it is also said:
Because of his independent freedom of consciousness, he creates this universe directly from his own nature. So his reality of being becomes this universe, which is not separate from his being. This objective world is not created by the inherent power of this objectivity; it is created by subjective consciousness.
(Isvarapratyabhijna Karika 1.5, 1.15)

It is because of subjective consciousness that this objective world is created. So subjective consciousness is the player and the creator of everything that is created in the objective or subjective field.

In Tantra, it is also said:
O dear Parvati, the one who, by the grace of the master, realizes what reality lies in water and its solidified formation snow, nothing remains undone in this world. This is his last birth. Liberated while living (jivanmukta), he won't again enter into the wheel of repeated births and deaths.
There is a difference between water and snow. It is the formation of these two that is different - snow is snow and water is water. The substance of these two, however, is one. For the one who realizes this, nothing remains undone in this world.

The Spanda Karika expresses this same point of view in this verse:
For the one who observes that there is no difference between the universe and its creator, the creator having become the universe and the universe having become the creator, this universe is not defective, but a playful amusement. Realizing this, he is always attached to his own reality of self-consciousness. There is no doubt he is liberated in this very life (jivanmukta). (Spanda Karika 2.5)

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