2007 Lord Creates Activating Saktis Jnana and Kriya

Vaikhari and rest of Sounds,
Maya and rest of Impurities,
Purusha and rest of Tattvas illusory
--All these,
Acting on Saktis, Jnana and Kriya,
The Lord True from time immemorial made.

2008 Lord is Atom-Within-Atom

The Lord is the Beginning of all,
He is the Atom-within-the-atom;
Divide an atom within the atom,
Into parts one thousand,
They who can thus divide
That atom within the atom
May well near the Lord,
He, indeed, is the Atom-within-the-atom.

2009 Seek the Jnana Way of Lord

Tiny unto the seed
Of the spreading banyan tree
Is the atom that is Jiva;
If by fire of Jnana
Your way purifies,
The dark Pasas that malign you
May well driven away be;
Seek the Divine way,
The Dancing Lord shows you.

2010 Jiva and Siva Commingling Stand

He within the atom (Jiva),
And the atom (Jiva) within Him
Commingling stand,
They know this not;
The peerless Lord pervades all
Unintermittent, in creation entire.

2011 Size of Soul

To speak of the size of Jiva
It is like this:
Split a cow's hair soft
Into a hundred tiny parts;
And each part into a thousand parts divide;
The size of Jiva is that one of part
Of the one hundred thousand.

2012 Siva's Infinite Size

Infinite great is my Lord,
Yet within the littleness of this body
He dwells permeating;
He is the Lord Supreme
Whom the Celestials cannot know;
As much as your Tapas is
So much also is He known.

2013 Practise Yoga in Perserverence

You may not for Yoga inclined be,
But if your Guru Illumined teaches you,
You may yet accomplish it;
And so perservere
In lives several;
And seeing you thus practise,
Siva's Form will in your thought arise.

2014 Guru Illumines You

Harassed are you
By Maya's manifestations;
But when the Guru Illumined
By His grace lights you up
Your troubles entire cease;
The Jiva illumined in Jnana
Will Turiya State reach.