I also believed I was enlightened. That I realized the self but I was nothing but under the spell of spiritual teachers.

It is very easy to get as diluted as to know yourself as awareness or consciousness, but it is true that it takes no time to come up with such a statement . Just do as the spiritual teachers say!

I did it and as soon I looked to see who is conscious or aware the mind keep quiet in no time (or at least I thought that is quiet mind)

There was nothing left but a sense of self or being or been just conscious or aware. Then a thought came up, 'I am conscious - I am aware therefore I am consciousness or awareness.

I didn't realize at that moment that it was another idea of self or being. That my identity had mutated to the highest form of ego or sense of separation. And I became a spiritual teacher.

It took me a while to understand this. Long time I would say.

So I as mentioned before to get enlighten, that is to say to get to the CONCLUSION I am awareness - I am consciousness is the easiest thing in the world. You only need to be stupid enough as to see the movement of the body and mind as separate entities.